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The Dutch Warmblood horse is used for many disciplines. All over the world they have the best results at the highest levels in eventing, jumping and dressage. Dutch Warmblood horse - Jessica Castle Forbes on Maike

The Dutch Warmbloods are known for their powerful engine. The Dutch Warmblood horse has a calm, even temperament that makes it easy to work.
The Dutch Warmblood Studbook has different types, the sport horse, the Gelderland horse and the harness horse. The most popular Dutch Warmblood is the sport horse. They are bred to excel in showjumping and dressage. But also the harness horse is very successful in carriage driving at international level. If you scan the leader boards at any national or international competition, you are sure to find that there are Dutch Warmblood horses on the list.

The height of a Dutch Warmblood goes from 16 hands to 17 hands. Mostly the Dutch Warmblood is coloured bay and chestnut, some are black or grey. Legs and face often show white markings.
The Dutch Warmblood has a refined head, the profile is often straight. A long neck that is arched, a deep girth and a well-sloped shoulder.

Dutch Warmblood horse

Dutch warmblood Studbook selection

The Dutch Warmblood Studbook has a strict selection system and continuous evaluation of breeding stock. Statistics, high-tech research and a records department bring the latest developments in science and technology to bear on the improvement of the Dutch warmblood horses. Besides this the long horse-breeding history and agricultural heritage of the Dutch, bring generations of nearly in-born expertise to the production of top quality Dutch horses.

The Dutch Warmblood studbook organizes so called Keurings, or inspections which are yearly held in the Netherlands but also in North America, at which horses are evaluated and rewarded according to their quality and fulfillment of the Breeding Goal. The very rigorous selection and testing system for breeding stallions is one of the most selective and rigorous in the world.

KWPN Dutch warmblood

KWPN Warmblood horserider Showjumping

Dutch warmblood horses are not branded as foals based on the fact that they are "registered". At the age of three or older the Dutch Warmblood horse can be, in order to be branded, presented for Dutch Warmblood Studbook Inspection. The Dutch Warmblood horse will be branded and inscribed in the Dutch Warmblood Studbook if it is of sufficient quality. These Dutch warmblood horses are then suitable for awards or predicates assigned according to the quality of the individual, and the quality and success of the offspring.

The special predicates include "star" for horses of especially good quality, "keur" for star mares who perform a good performance test and show a good offspring, "preferent" for mares who have produced particularly good offspring, and "prestatie" for mares who have produced offspring that have been especially successful in sport, dressage or showjumping will be added on the registration paper. Because the KWPN wants to encourage soundness they use the predicate "elite" for Dutch warmblood mares that passed an extensive X-ray examination.

Dutch Warmblood horses in North America

Dutch Warmblood horse Showjumping

This information is taken from the NA/WPN website.

NA/WPN is the abbreviation of "North American Department, Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands", nowadays known as "The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America". The Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN stands for Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland) is the registry and studbook for Dutch Warmblood horses, and it has a history dating back to early in the last century. It deals with breeding goals and rules, inspection and evaluation, promotion, research, and administrative matters for breeders of Dutch warmblood horses.

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