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I have to thank Benny de Ruiter once again for finding me such a perfect horse! My third competition with this horse was at the Abu Dhabi CSI *** and managed to clear it with me in the 1.40, me being the youngest rider in the class riding for Holland ! Thank you very much for everything

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Hi Isabelle, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I have just sold Luc. He is an AMAZING horse. I started doing him in the hunters and he was a star, winning at the first show and even 2nd in the International Hunter Derby. I have had him for 3 years now so I am so upset he is not here anymore, he was my best friend!! Again, thank you for all you have done in the past for me. Sincerely, R.H.
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Dear Isabelle and Benny,

I'm sure you remember the pretty gray mare I bought from you about three years ago. I'm embarrassed that I haven't emailed you or sent you any pictures. Life is so busy and time goes too quickly. Vincy (as I call her around the barn) a/k/a "Volant" is doing really well. She's a delight and has always been sound, healthy and happy since the day she got here.

Initially, I tried to train her as a hunter for me but that didn't really work out. She's much happier as a jumper and she's a really nice jumper at that. My jumper days are over and when the jumps get a little bigger her jump is just too powerful for me. So once it became clear that she really wasn't going to be a hunter, I had a trainer work with her to develop her as a jumper. I still ride her at home and occasionally jump little jumps but that's about it.

As of this summer my 12 year old daughter was only riding pony hunters. As you probably know, in the pony hunter division here, the jumps are very small and the pace is slow. To make a long story short, just this past weekend she showed Vincy for the first time--something she's been wanting to do for awhile. It went really well. I had thought it would be at least another year before she was ready to ride and show Vincy (Vincy does not have a lot of show experience so I still think of her as green despite her age) but it looks like it's going to work out. She'll show her in the 3'6"-3'9" (1.10-1.15 meters I think) this circuit and depending on how it goes will move up to the next level when they're both ready.
Click for a large image
Connie Bull
Click for a large image
Dear Isabelle,

Zohio has been doing beautifully. He has started showing in the hunters 3 weeks ago in Culpeper, where he got very good ribbons. This past week in Saugerties, he won a class out of 18 and was reserve champion! He seems very happy going in the hunter ring for now. I think he would make a beautiful equitation horse. He also showed in the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix on Saturday and placed 7th out of 63 horses!!! It was his second time showing in this class, so I am very proud of him.

Take care,

Click for a large image
Dear Benny and Isabelle,

I just thought you might like to know where one of your graduates will be...

Thank you for finding him-

Ahna Cafaro
Photo credit Julie Moses Photo

Amazing began his show career this summer with ribbons every time out at rated competitions. Most recently, he was Champion and Reserve Champion in the 2'6" divisions at Swan Lake, and won an enormous class of 68 Open Hunters at the Traders Point Hunt AA rated show. He loves horseshowing, and is a natural in the ring. Look for him to move up to the Pregreens in December.

If you are looking for a stallion with Grand Prix jumping bloodlines and Hunter looks, style, and movement, look no farther. He possesses that rare combination of hack winning movement and spectacular jumping form. Amazing is the complete package.

More information available on the website. Discounts available. Amazing is proving to be a very potent stallion with excellent quality semen. Please contact us if you are interested in having your own "Amazing" foal!

Foals eligible for KWPN reg B, RPSI, ISR/OLD NA, and IHF
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Dear Benny,

Benz has qualified for the World championship Zangersheide in Lanaken! He is doing wonderful, got placed 6th of 146 horses at the KWPN Vion cup for 5 yr. old horses in Ermelo. You can understand I am very proud of him.

Best regards,

Stefanie Breitenstein, Suisse
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Dear Benny and Isabelle,

I just wanted to let you know Davey is very happy and doing well. I am really enjoying him.

Click for a large image
5th at the Finals 5-year-old Horses Table A 1m30 world championship Zangersheide.
Click for a large image
Dear Benny & Isabelle,

We thought you might like to see how Bentley G. is doing. He is a very talented horse and very kind and willing to jump. This picture was at his first horse show as a 5 year old.
The jump standards are 6 feet at the top. He jumped the entire course in this style.
Thank you for this fabulous horse.
Best Regards,

Click for a large image
Hi Isabelle and Benny,

Just thought I'd send you a quick email to say how happy we are with Chicago. He is truly the nicest natured colt you could possible hope for. Absolute pleasure to have in the stable. He looks magnificent now after loosing weight on his trip which is understandable. He has started breeding and is his nature shines through. Our vets love him saying it's a relief when they see Chicago isted on the book because he is one of the easiest
stallions they deal with. He learnt to jump the dummy really easily and my greatest concern was the breeding side of things changing him once he learnt what he was all about. But I can safely say he has not changed a bit. If ever there was a stallion capable of breeding and competing at the same time, I think he is it. He is such a lovely ride as well. You did a fantastic job breaking him in. I haven't done much with him at all as he is still so young. I need to be patient and wait for him to grow up. Easier said than done with such a nice horse!
Thanks again for our wonderful horse and have a great Christmas.

Click for a large image
My name is Sanne Udink, and I have been riding for 11 years. I am originally from Holland but I have moved to Dubai since I was 14 years old. Due to my advantage of Horse riding in Dubai, I had a change to gain a lot of different opportunities, which would have been very difficult to get when horse riding in Holland. My whole life I had very good trainers and have followed lessons from a lot of different people, such as Albert Voorn, Helena Weinberg (Storrmans) and Aldrick Cheronnet. From all of the different trainers I have had, I gained a lot of experience and use all the different methods from time to time.
When looking for a new horse, which normally would be from mouth to mouth, but instead, cause of my excitement I start looking on the internet. Benny’s and Isabelle’s website was very easy to find, I only typed on google; “Grand prix horses for sale”. When I saw the website it looked very professional, the website was in English, which showed they have sold horses internationally but also the horses sold were absolutely stunning and all of very good behavior and abilities.
Blitz was already on the website around that time, together with Bugatti. When I saw Bugatti was sold after only a week, I decided to send an email being interested about Blitz. I normally have a good feeling about horses if I should buy them or not, and Blitz was one of them.
When we bought Blitz, I didn’t ride him; I didn’t see him, only on the website. But because I didn’t want to lose a horse, which might be perfect for me we bought him anyways. I have to say, Benny and Isabelle were a big help, I never got treated this well when buying a horse. As they don’t sell for money only, they also sell making sure you have found your perfect horse, and that the horse found a perfect home. They really care about their animals and wouldn’t sell the wrong horse to you, which I really respect. Even though I saw my horse 4 months later, I fell in love with Blitz and trained all summer with him in France and Germany.
Nowadays he got transported to Dubai, and is doing very well, I have been training with him, getting him ready for a small competition hopefully in December.
I want to say Thank you to Benny and Isabelle, for helping out so much with training and getting equipment for Blitz, but also for being able to help me in case of emergencies. Next time I need a new horse I would most definitely get it from Benny.
Thank you

Sanne Udink
Click for a large image
Hi Isabelle,
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find Street Fighter! Thank you also for your continued help and suggestions after I bought him. All of your suggestions worked wonders!
His 2010 show season began at HITS Ocala, Florida where he earned several champions and a reserve champion in the Low Adult Jumpers and won a lot of blue ribbons! It was my first time showing him, so I was just expecting to learn how he goes in the show ring. I did not expect to win a class and be champion after only a few days of showing him, especially with the stiff competition in Florida! From the very beginning, he was a complete professional in the show ring, and took my mistakes in stride.
So far during our spring and summer shows, he has been very successful. He has won classes at Garden State Horse Show and St. Christopher’s Horse Show. At HITS Culpeper, he won a level 2 class out of 56 and was champion, and has placed 3rd and 4th in the Adult Jumper Classics. At HITS Saugerties, he won a Level 3 jumper class and was reserve champion, won an Adult Jumper High and an Adult Jumper low class. He is thriving in my trainer’s program for him, and he loves being a show horse (and being the center of attention). He really enjoys showing in the grand prix rings at shows because he knows there are more people watching him. He is so funny, because he knows when he has a good round and looks for treats immediately after he leaves the ring, and he always gets them! He is definitely a superstar!!!
Thank you so much for everything! I hope to update you with more good news soon!

Click for a large image
Dear Isabelle and Benny,

We fell in love with gorgeous Bonaparte from the moment he arrived. After our wonderful experience with Lupo, expectations were high, but Bonaparte exceeds those expectations every day. He is like a twenty year old horse in a four year old body. He is incredibly smart, sweet, kind, brave, hard working and an spectacular athlete ! He came back from his first HITS in Saugerties with a truckload of ribbons, in spite of some heavy competition from other Benny de Ruiter protégés.
Everyone is in awe of him and so excited...
Except for Lupo :)
Here's to a continuing and rewarding relationship,


Matt and Annette Lauer
Click for a large image
Dear Benny and Isabelle,
I heard you were asking about Amigo. We did very little the first year. We wanted him to grow up, both physically and mentally. He has not stopped growing since he got here. I started serious training about 6 months ago, and he just went to his first real shows. As I was leaving the ring at his first show, my trainer said to me, "he's going to be a superstar". He really is special. That's why we are going so slow. He's scopy, quick and fast like a small horse, and he can leave out like a big horse. He seems to be able to do everything we ask. I hope you get to see him next year if you visit the states. Here is a picture of him. Look how he has grown. I hope everything is well. I've noticed some nice horses on your website, especially that last one. Keep up the good work.
Yours truly
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Hi Isabelle,

As promised....updates for the reference page and a new picture of Adelaar - his first show at 3 foot!

Zep update: Zep had a fantastic year competing in the five year old jumpers. He continually improved all summer and finished off the year by qualifying for the young jumper championships at the Hampton Classic. He made it all the way through to the final round in the Grand Prix ring. We are very proud of him. He is a very special horse with personality plus! We will keep you posted as we tackle the six year olds next season.

Djorko update: Djorko had a fabulous year in the baby green hunters winning either Champion or Reserve Champion at every show but one. He has an incredible jump with plenty of scope and is always a favorite in the hack. We had no idea the cute little horse on your website would turn into such a wonderful show horse. Benny you have an incredible gift for finding talented horses!

Adelaar update: The only way for me to describe Adelaar is dream horse! He is everything I could have hoped for and more. His personality is unmatched and he is the perfect show ring partner. He has never even peaked at a jump since his first time in the ring. We finished a successful year in the baby green hunters by moving up to the pre-greens at HITS in Saugerties. I can never thank you enough for finding such a wonderful horse.

So far there haven't been any good pictures of Bling but as soon as we get one we'll send it along with the appropriate kind words ;-) He has been getting lots of attention at the horse shows - everyone asks about him. He has turned out to be very much like Adelaar - extremely brave to the jumps and never looks at anything.

Bently is progressing along nicely. Now that show season is over we'll be able to spend more time with him. He is as quiet as ever.

Hope all is well you. Best wishes,
Click for a large image
Hi Isabelle,

I just wanted to give you an update on Elite. She is doing great! We have shown her 5 times and she was Champion of her division 3 times and Reserve Champion once. I am looking for another one similar to her and was wondering if you have anything available for sale? I check your website periodically but haven't seen any horses listed lately. I hope you're doing well and thanks again for selling me such a sweet mare.


Click for a large image
Dear Benny and Isabelle,

We thought that you might be interested in knowing how Zansa has progressed in the last year.

Most of the year was spent in and in her schooling and building a relationship with Chloe. You can see from the photo that she still jumps enormously and Chloe finds it a little unexpected sometimes to see the 'chandelier' below her. You said she was a jumper and she certainly is!

She will compete in the Cycle Classique and perhaps go the French National Championships at Fontainbleu but we will not rush her and it depends on how she responds to the travelling.
She was from the start beautiful to watch but now she is exceptional and we feel very fortunate to have her in our stable. She is a real sweetheart.

Best wishes,

Michael & Faith
Click for a large image
Hi Benny, Isabelle and family

Hope everything is going well for you.
She's a Lady (Lady) is doing fine with us. She never ceases to amaze us with her good manners, talent and beauty. She has taken everything introduced to her with a calm manner whether it’s a new dressage move or a jumping exercise which is truly wonderful for a horse of her age. She is the perfect horse for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everybody who meets her falls in love with her instantly.

You were a pleasure to do business with. We appreciated how polite and helpful you were and for your insightful knowledge. Your obvious love for horses was very evident to us and we were very impressed with the condition of your stables and horses. Thanks once again to you and to Daphne and any other staff who aided in the up bringing of such a lovely horse.

Fiona and Family

Click for a large image
Dear Isabelle and Benny,

I wanted to write you to give you an update now that a month has passed since Lupo made his transatlantic flight.
To say that he is doing well, and that I am thrilled with him, would be a complete understatement.
He is everything you said he was and more, and the two of us are making quite a team. From the moment Lupo arrived here, he seemed perfectly at ease in his new surroundings. His disposition is calm and kind and he has won over family and friends alike. His skills in the ring are as advertised; he is a confident and talented jumper, who always gives his all.
If it sounds like I am a satisfied customer.... I truly am. I have to admit that the prospect of buying a horse on another continent without ever having seen it in person was a bit daunting and nerve wrecking. But your guidance, no pressure approach and attention to every detail, right through Lupo's transportation to the States made all the difference in the world. I feel as if I have won the jackpot !
Thank you so much for your help. I hope you'll be happy to know Lupo has found such a loving new home.

With warm regards,

Annette Roque Lauer
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Hello Isabelle!

I keep checking your website and see Bentley today... Aldato's full brother! He looks even prettier than Al and that's saying a lot! I've been meaning to update you on the great progress Aldato had made. He competed in his first show last week, and was a star. It was an A rated show, very cold out, and there were a lot of very fresh, excited horses schooling near him. He looked around, but never misbehaved. He jumped all the jumps without a problem the first time around, behaved like an older, experienced horse and was Reserve Champion in the young hunters (a class for hunters 6 years and younger).

He is a dream to handle from the ground, has great manners and everyone in the barn thinks he's great. He has more to learn still since he's only 3 and we're going slow with him until he matures more, but we're off to a great start. We'll see what the future holds!

Thank you for your honest and professional advice with Aldato. How much are you asking for Bentley? I may need to fill the barn with the brothers from Benny and Isabelle!

Kind Regards,

Susan McCarthy
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Update 1 March 2009:

Hi Isabelle,

I just wanted to let you know that Zidane has been outperforming many horses that are twice his age - if not older. Zidane went to Jacksonville and won or had fantastic ribbons in the baby green division. When he went to Ocala, we moved him up to the pre-green division because the baby green division was like a joke for him! Last week he was in the top 5 out of almost 50 hroses and this past week he won his pre-green class out of 37!! Needless to say, I am more than pleased! Thank you for finding him! :)

Kind regards,

Rachel A. Schaeffer

Zidane is the 3rd horse that I have purchased from the DeRuiters sight unseen and he is the most spectacular horse I have ever owned!! I am sure that people thought that I was crazy having so much trust in someone on the other side of the world, but then they come and watch him go and realize that I did really well. Benny and Isabelle have the knack for finding extremely talented horses. Zidane is so special and so well schooled at 4 years old, that no one can believe how young he is. I opted to have him stay with Benny and Isabelle for almost the whole year of 2008 to advance his schooling before he came to the US and I am very glad that I did. Their training was very reasonably priced, too! I will send an update when he starts to show, but there is no doubt that he has the ability to be an FEI dressage horse or a national champion in the hunter/equitation rings. Thank you again for such a lovely horse and for adding to the sport by marketing the top of the line horses. Please let me know the next time that you come across another Zidane.

Thanks again!

Rachel A. Schaeffer
Maryland, USA
Click for a large image

I just wanted to tell you how lucky we feel to have Atlas. He has turned into the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. His temperament is fantastic and he is really a showman. He has a large fan club wherever he goes. We started him back and he is smart, easy and an amazing athlete. I have the best rider in the area on him, Lee Dennie, who has 25 years of experience with hunter, jumpers and grand prix horses. We are very excited about the future for Atlas. I will send you a recent photo of him and we will also get a DVD to share with you.

Thanks again for Atlas.


Click for a large image
Hi Isabelle,

Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you an update on Zep. He is doing fabulous and endearing himself to everyone who meets him. He went to another big away show last week with my trainer Marty. It was a big show with a carnival going on as well so he got see lots of tents, rides and even a ferris wheel. He placed fourth out of ninteen the first day in the hunter ring!! His last day he did the level two jumpers in the grand prix ring. The class was very tough - so much so we almost took him out but decided to give it a try. He was so good. He placed third out of more than twenty. We think he would have won except he spooked at the people cheering for him in the stands and Marty had to circle to get to the last jump. We were very proud of him!!

I've attached a picture of Zep from the Vermont horse show in July. Excuse my poor position with toes pointing to the ground!!

Best regards,
Click for a large image
Dear Isabelle and Benny,

Adelaar has been with us just over a month now and continues to amaze us with his incredible willingness and heartwarming personality. Everyone who meets him falls in love immediately. I still can't believe he's mine!!

I want to thank you and Benny for everything. You are an incredible team. I have to admit it was a little scary making the decision to buy a 3 year old unbroke stallion sight unseen off the internet but I could not have imagined a smoother transaction. You took care of everything from vetting to training to transportion overseas with such professionalism - you are both to be commended. I thank you also for your warm hospitality when I finally made the journey to meet Adelaar in person. Your honesty, integrity and committment to finding quality horses is an inspiration to us as we embark on starting a stable of our own.

I look forward to doing business again soon!

Warmest regards,
Katharine and Adelaar
Nissequogue, New York
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Hi Isabelle and Benny,

Just an update on Zamindy's progress, she is going to her first dressage competition at the weekend and she has been schoolling over jumps and will soon be ready for her first show. She is not afraid of anything upto date jumping fillers, water and anything put in front of her, sometimes jumping that big she out jumps me. She is already entered for some of the age classes that start in May, we have high hopes for her.

I would just like to say thank you once again for finding me such a nice horse, she has been fantastic to deal with at home and away, you would not think she is just 4 years old, she is mature beyond her years.

You made finding a horse such a fantastic and hassle free experience and in the future when i am looking for another you will be my first contact. I would not hesitate to recommend you to people when buying a horse.

Once again many thanks.

Sarah Pooley
Click for a large image
So good to hear from you. I have been so impressed with Zarino I can't express how happy I am with him. He is absolutely darling. He settled in very quickly and with a couple of good lunges he was ready to go riding again. He has been everything you said he was which convinced me to purchase from you again. I will certainly be back for my next one! Thank you again for everything you did for me, it made the buying process go so smoothly.

Shelly & Zarino
Click for a large image

I just wanted you to know how much we love Atlas...He is kind, smart, easy and an amazing athlete. I am lucky to own such a horse. He has wonderful movement and his knees to eyeballs jumping style is a thrill for us....He is loving his new 55 acre farm and would rather be with me learning new things than anything....Many thanks for such a lovely horse!

Kindest Regards,

Julie Nagan
Click for a large image
Hi Isabelle and Benny,

We wanted to say hello and let you know that Shamrock is doing great with Jenni. We traveled down to San Diego to watch Jenni ride today, and Dave got these photos. Shamrock is such a well-mannered horse, it’s amazing to think that he is not yet 4 years old. His behavior has been 100% perfect!! Thanks again for finding him—we are so honored to have him!!

Hope you both are fine, and that your children are having a good year. Will you be traveling to Florida soon? Please remember that if you ever come to Southern Calif. we would love to see you—and of course you always have a free room at our home.

Very best regards,

Carmen, Dave, and Jenni
Click for a large image
Hello Isabelle,

I just wanted to let you know Winston is more amazing then ever. We had four clear rounds this past weekend in the 1 meter and 1.05 meter classes! (2 second and 2 third place ribbons) J

When we came into the warm up arena the first day, a group of trainers and riders stopped what they were doing and watched him work. He wasn’t being bad, just showing off, and when he shows off everyone takes notice!!

It is an incredible feeling to walk through the in-gate with Winston on your team! In the show ring he is all business and unbelievably responsive. He feels like he really enjoys his job and wants to give everything I ask for and more. I came out of the ring crying tears of joy.

Quite a few people came up to Robert and asked about his breeding and where he came from. I would love for you to hear how Robert brags about Benny’s ability to find brilliant young horses and how they couldn’t go wrong getting any horse from Benny de Ruiter Stables. J

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to ride and show my dream horse.


Hello Isabelle

I just wanted you to know that Winston went to his first show last week. He was a super star with two blue ribbon rounds. He turned heads everywhere he went!

We could not be happier with him.

Thank you again for the opportunity to purchase Winston. He is truly everything I wanted and more.

Click for a large image
Dear Isabelle and Benny,

Thanks for everything. I am just so happy with Zernike (Nike). He is such a sweet horse. He is settling in beautifully at the barn. Everybody that has seen him loves him too. He is a joy to ride and I always look forward to the next time I get to ride him. He already knows who I am and that I am the one that takes care of him. He is very smart and gets things pretty quickly. I am sending some pictures of me and him. He is everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Thanks so much,

update March 08:
Dear Isabelle and Benny,

I rode Nike in HITS Ocala this past weekend, and he was all I could ask for and way more. He didn't spook at anything and he seemed as if he was already a seasoned show horse. We ended up with 3 firsts and champion in the pre-childrens. Then, a 2nd, 2 thirds, a 4th, and reserve champion in an equitation class. I couldn't be more happy with him! Thanks so much, again.

Best regards,
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'A Google search led me to the stables of Benny and Isabelle de Ruiter. The quality of the horses for sale was very impressive and I was doubtful if I would ever be able to afford one, but to my suprise a prompt reply from Benny dispelled my assumptions and flights were booked to visit their stables. As soon as I saw Zamiro I knew he was 'the one!' but this could not be - I wanted a gelding who was backed not a 3 year old unbroken stallion! Benny and Isabelle said they would make him 'safe' for me and they were true to their word. They put a considerable amount of time and effort in making sure the horse that arrived home in the UK one month later was a pleasure to ride. All this for a horse they had already received payment for.
I highly recommend Benny & Isabelle de Ruiter. They are genuine horse people who want to match the right horse to the right owner. In my case it was a perfect match. Thank-you Benny & Isabelle.
Anne Jones UK'
Click for a large image
Update march 08: Carlito's rider ended up going to the MHSA finals, the USEF Medal Finals in Harrisburg, the Maclay Finals in Syracuse and winning the the Gittings Medal!!

Hi Isabelle & Benny,

Carlito is doing simply amazing!!!!! I just got him at the end of June and he has adapted nicely to the hunter & equitation rings here in the US. This weekend alone he qualified a junior rider for the Maclay regionals, the Gittings Finals and the MHSA Equitation Finals! The rider only needs a few more points for the USEF Medal too. He is unbelievable - sweet, beautiful and EXACTLY how you described him! This is the 2nd horse that I have purchased from you sight unseen and I'm seriously thinking about ditching my day job and starting a show stable full of horses from you!!!!! If anyone is thinking about buying a horse from you, they should not even hesitate! I am going to start having you look for my next superstar shortly. I have gotten many compliments from some top professionals on Carlito and Top Gun V.

Top Gun V has been cleaning up in the children's hunter and equitation rings this year. What a fantastic mind this horse has! He is one of the most amazing horses I've ever laid eyes on, let alone rode. :)

Thank you so very, very much again for everything you have done for me! You have a wonderful eye for horses.

Kind regards,

Rachel A. Schaeffer

P.S. If you are considering partnering with anyone in the Maryland/Virginia/PA/NJ area, I would love for you to consider me. I have the ability to get horses exposed to several, nationally recognized trainers and their students. My passion for enjoying nice horses may actually start paying off financially .. hee hee.
Click for a large image
I just wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it is to do business with Benny DeRuiter Stables. I just happened to come across their web site and saw the pictures of Velvet and noticed how similar he was to the horse I had just sold (and missed a great deal). I watched the videos that were attached to his information and emailed Isabelle the same day. He was in my barn in less than 3 weeks I think, and I love him. He is everything Isabelle said and more. Isabelle made ALL the arrangements for me and the whole process could not have been any easier. Having worked with him for a few months now, I can tell Velvet has been handled and trained by quality horseman. I will be sure to look at the DeRuitres' first when I buy again. Rodney
Click for a large image

"Tinka", as we are calling her, is doing SO well! I'm attaching a few pictures of her after just about 2 weeks under saddle....they are not great quality, but I'm excited to have a few pictures anyway. She is riding well in walk, trot, and canter and over very small jumps! I am SO pleased with her! She has even done a few perfect lead changes (by accident) in the corners!

I have always had to buy horses for myself with baggage, poor training, or a bad attitude. It is so nice to have one of my own that is smart, athletic, affectionate, AND beautiful. Thanks for everything and please come to visit if you are in NC this spring.

A happy client in NC USA
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Hello Isabelle and Benny,
I wanted to thank you again for such a fabulous horse. Waldato( who I have now been calling Deacon) is settling into his new home beautifully. I have ridden him twice and he was great. My trainer is happily surprised how well trained he is for three and a half. You really now how to produce a happy and confident young horse. If any of my friends are ever looking for a high quality horse I will definitely give them your name.

Thank you again. I will keep you up to date on Deacon's progress. I am sure he will be a super star.

Hi Isabelle and Benny,

I wanted to send you a new photo of Deacon (Waldato). He is really coming into his own. He has amazing scope and is very smart. Thanks again for finding such a great horse!

Click for a large image
Uchello went to his first horse shows this fall, and swapped off being Champion and Reserve Champion in the two divisions I showed him in, out of almost 20 horses in the divisions! I had multiple people ask if he was for sale, which he's not! He was fabulous, and , more importantly, is being great with his new kid and amateur moms as well!

Rachel Jansen
Crossroads Farm
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Isabelle asked me to tell you how it came that I bought Wizard. Well, the story sounds a little bit crazy, but since I'm so happy with Wizzy, I can't find anything wrong.
I have been riding horses since the age of ten, and I have always dreamed of my own horse. But my parents couldn't afford one, and so I had to wait till I earned my own money. Buying a horse was not that easy though. I was searching for 18 months, visiting lots of stables and horses in Austria, but I couldn't find the horse I've dreamed of so long. Then, one day, I saw the picture of Wizard on the web site of the de Ruiter stables. I knew immediately, that I wanted to buy this horse, but there were lots of problems. First, the horse was in the Netherlands, which means 9 hours per car in one direction. Second, it was unbroken and stallion, whereas I was looking for a young gelding which should at least be broken in. And third, I couldn't believe that it would be possible for me to afford it. So I tried to forget Wizard, but I couldn't. At least I had to ask for details. And so, I asked my friend to make a journey to the Netherlands for visiting Wizard - if I couldn't afford him we had at least seen the Netherlands and a great horse. So I called Isabelle and we arranged a meeting. We did the whole journey in one day - leaving Austria at 3 o'clock in the morning and returning at midnight. De Ruiter stables turned out to be an impressive home for a couple of beautiful horses and a very lovely family. I could discuss everything with Isabelle and Benny, even the price. We agreed that Wizard should stay in the Netherlands till he had become a gelding and was broken in. Isabelle organised everything, from the veterinarian to the transport to Austria. I was frequently informed about the condition and the training process of my horse, not just per mail but also with little movies, which allways were a grat pleasure!
Everything was perfectly organised and about three months after our visit to the Netherlands Wizard arrived in Austria alive and kicking.
Not only was he more beautiful then I had ever dared to imagine, he also was very well trained and showed extraordinary good manners. After his second day in Austria he felt obviously perfectly at home and since then, we didn't have any problems at all. He's a very tender horse, always happy and never ever grouchy. Besides he's getting along with other horses perfectly well and he is very smart and strong nerved.
Neither puppies playing around his feet nor the truck working next to him do make him nervous.
I know that it is a little bit crazy to buy a horse this way, especially since it is my first horse and I'm not a professional rider, but I could never imagine a better horse for me, and with Isabelle and Benny I found honest and reliable people with a lot of know how and the right touch for great horses! I would immediately do it again!

B. Habenicht, Salzburg, Austria
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I “met” Benny and Isabelle while surfing the net and found their web site quite by accident. I was very impressed with the quality of their horses, both sold and for sale, and their references. I was searching for something quite different – as a novice rider I was looking for an experienced dressage horse who would be kind enough to “teach” me the ropes. I called Isabelle on several occasions and found her very friendly and down-to-earth, never pushy, and not promising me the earth. She was upfront about it being hard to find a dressage “school master” who would tolerate being given the wrong signals, having an unbalanced rider on his or her back etc after being ridden by professionals, but at the same time was very willing to try to find me the “right” horse. Before leaving South Africa for Amsterdam to spend a week with Benny and Isabelle, I heard many horror stories of people from South Africa who bought horses overseas only to find that the horse they thought they’d bought was not the horse that arrived in South Africa, or horses who passed their vetting overseas, only to be found to be unsound on arrival in S.A. Going by myself, without my trainer, I had to put my trust totally in Isabelle and Benny and despite being worried about all the negative things I had been told, I went with my gut feeling which told me to trust Benny and Isabelle. To cut a long story short, that is exactly what happened! They welcomed me with open arms, drove me all over the countryside, to try out horses they had selected. I was very grateful to Isabelle who put me on each horse on the lunge line so that I was not too nervous of a horse taking off with me. On the third day of hunting, we found her – Trees or Treasure (an appropriate nickname as that is what she is). Benny had to do some serious negotiating on my behalf as the owner was not sure he wanted to sell Trees when we put the offer in, as he realized he had a very special horse. Benny went that extra mile, driving over to the farmer’s house late at night, which was an hour and a half away, on the same day that we had tried her, to talk to him face to face and came away with the wonderful news that Trees was mine if I wanted her. The next step was the vetting, which was very professionally done. Many fingers were crossed that Trees would pass the vetting, which she did and then Trees was taken home to Isabelle and Benny’s stables where I spent three wonderful days having lessons on Trees with Isabelle. Isabelle also took a video of Trees being ridden and loads of photographs for me to take back to keep me going as I will not be seeing Trees until April 2007 due to quarantine times on both sides of the ocean! Then some shopping at the tack shop and the purchase of a super dressage saddle completed my wonderful trip with Isabelle and Benny’s help. I would recommend Benny and Isabelle to anyone who wants to deal with honest, professional and super-friendly people who strive to find the right horse to match each individual rider’s need – Benny has that magic touch of finding the most beautiful and talented horses. I can be contacted on as a reference if you would like to know more about my experience. I will always remember my adventure of finding Treasure with Isabelle and Benny as one of the highlights of my life and will hopefully be back in Amsterdam one day to visit Benny and Isabelle and maybe ask them to do the (im)possible again – find me another Treasure!!

With fondest regards
Susan Berry
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hi! it's been a while since i touched base with you guys. How are the beautiful children? It looks like you guys are doing great business lately! And what gorgeous horses Benny is finding, he really does have a talent for it.

On my end Yuri is doing great. I took him to his first US show to get him acclimated before taking him to thermal (the new Indio) in the spring.I attached a picture of Yuri on his first course at his first show...he was perfect of course ;-) Hope all is well, annika

Annika Washburn
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I wanted to share my experience for anyone reading this page. I came across Benny's website a while ago and liked it so much that I book marked it. One day I decided to look again, and was immediately drawn to two of the horses, Warwick and Wizzard. I inquired about them and they responded almost immediately (They are seven hours ahead of me)! I was shocked; many times before I had written to Dutch warmblood breeders and traders in the Netherlands and either they didn’t reply or they didn’t answer the specific questions I asked. Isabelle was very prompt, upfront and honest; she answered every question I had or still have. Yup, I bought Warwick, sorry guys he's all mine!!
That said I was very hesitant to buy Warwick sight unseen, not to mention unbroken. My trainer, friends, and pretty much anyone I told said that I was crazy. Heck they still do, but I knew better. There were very specific things I was looking for in a horse and talked in great detail with Isabelle about them. I wanted "a lover", and a horse that had good ground manners and was a safe mount (I have a herniated disk, and can’t afford to come off). We talked about my budget, my riding level, my training schedule, my previous horse experience, and what I wanted to do in the future with my horse-to-be. And as it turns out they knew Warwick was the perfect horse for me.
It was July, the hottest time here in Texas and I absolutely did not yet want to have him imported. They gave me the option of boarding, breaking and training him there until I was ready to bring him home. I jumped at the opportunity, and he is currently in training; go take a look at his video on the for sale page! These guys really know how to work with horses, that video is of him under saddle for less than a month!
Basically what I'm saying is these guys are 100% trustworthy, and I whole heartedly recommend them to everyone. So here is my advice for those of you who are contemplating buying a horse from Benny and Isabelle:
1. Make a list of everything (no matter how silly it seems) you want out of your dream horse.
2. Make a list of things you need out of your future horse.
3. Tell them about your riding level/experience, and if you will be working with a trainer.
4. Lastly, email Isabelle with all that information! She and Benny are experts at matching horse and rider, so the more information you give the better it will help them to find your perfect match. I found mine!

Good luck, have fun, and feel free to contact me!


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Hi Benny and Isabelle,

I hope everybody is doing fine out there. Upperclass just competed in the 5 year old finals out here on the west coast. She had 2 rails down overall in 3 days of competition at 1.20m. We are delighted with her continuous improvement. She looked fantastic over the 3 courses. She was clean on the first day on a really tough course, and she had one rail down each of the last two days. She showed very good form and boldness. We are looking forward to jump her at 1.25 and 1.30m next year. She won a 5 year old Classic in July and had another win at Santa Barbara. We are just starting to go faster now with her. Before we were not trying to win, but just to slow her down and complete the course with good form. We think she is ready now to go faster. Thanks for selling me such a great mare. She is definitely the most beautiful horse in our barn.

Update december 06: Her last two shows were astounding. We are very excited about 2007

Ricardo Chaparro
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Isabelle and Benny.

Thank you for providing a first class service during our recent purchase. It has been a pleasure doing business with you again. I cannot begin to praise you both highly enough for your thoughtfulness, attentiveness and absolute professionalism. Yours will be first stable we come to again for future business.

Benny de Ruiter stables is the only stable we would recommend without hesitation as absolutely and undoubtedly top of its class and a true breath of fresh air in the Equestrian world.

Best regards,

Update nov. 06: Hi Benny and Isabelle,
Just a little email to tell you that me and top secret won the 1.10 today :o), hes so good on the clock. Best Regards, Stephanie

Peter Szymanski

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Hi---I purchased the horse United about 7 months ago. He is absolutely my dream horse! With the help of my trainer he has been champion twice in the pre-green hunters in Wellington, FL and Reserve Champion in the Adult Amateur hunters.

United (shown in the US as Ghirardelli) is the perfect amateur horse. Not only is he a dream to ride he is also wonderful to work around. He is very calm and sweet natured. I could just go on and on about how much I adore this horse! Look for his name in the future, he is sure to be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a happy owner, USA
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With the assistance of Benny and Isabelle DeRuiter, we purchased and imported four outstanding KWPN horses (3 weanlings and a 3 year old stallion) during the winter of 2005. We could not be more satisfied. They have an excellent understanding of the American market and provide exceptional customer service.

Vallado has competed in three USDF breeding shows and has earned two Mature Stallion Championships and one Reserve Championship. He is currently the high scoring Mature Stallion in the US. Vallado is going well under saddle and is being prepped for the Young Jumper series in 2007. He will be presented to WPN/NA, BWP, and RPSI stallion approvals this year.

Barbara Sikkink
Breeding Director - Silver Creek Farms
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Hi Benny and Isabelle,
We would like to thank you for all your help and professionalism in our purchase of Washington. Everything was pretty much done for us from beginning to end and it made buying a horse from overseas a pleasurable experience and we would certainly not hesitate to do it again.
We were very impressed with the service we received from our arrival at Schiphol, and at your stables where everything was prepared and ready for us to view Washington who was beautifully turned out and waiting for us in hand in an open stall.
The whole experience was very relaxing, stress free and the environment in which we found all the horses was second to none.
Thank you again,

Stephanie and Dawn
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I recently purchased a horse from Isabelle and Benny and would like to share my experience. I had an injury with my current horse two years ago and have been looking for a new horse for at least a year. I have had such mixed emotions about the whole process and completely unsure about importing a horse. Like many, I had an ideal of what I thought would be my dream horse but after my experience, temperament was extremely important. Finding a horse with all the qualities that were important to me and priced in a range I could afford would be a challenge. As soon as I saw the video of "Watch Me" I knew he was the one. My husband and I immediately phoned Isabelle. I told her of my experiences and she completely put my mind to ease. She answered all of my questions. Most importantly, Isabelle explained it was equally important to them that I had the right match. I felt so comfortable with her I bought Watch Me from video. They agreed to start him for me and if at any time they felt he was not appropriate for me they would refund me my money. What more could I have hoped for. Isabelle videoed the training process so I could be a part of it. She answered numerous e-mails from me as I had many questions along the way. I always felt she was sincere and patient with me through out the process. They handled the Vet exam and was available to assist with any concerns or questions we had. She was able to e-mail me all the digital X-rays for my vet to review. She handled the import process and this was actually no big deal at all.
I have my horse now and absolutely love him. He is more beautiful than I imagined. He arrived in perfect condition without a scratch on him. He is exactly as they said he was. He has a wonderful mind and is very intelligent. I have looked at alot of horses and for the quality of horse I received I don't think I could have found a better purchase. I think in the horse world it is so difficult to find truly honest people and I think I have found that in Isabelle and Benny. They have alot of pride in what they do and it is very important to them to do things correctly. Isabelle is just lovely and I feel as though I have a new friend. I don't think I could have found anyone more kind and accommodating. I feel as though God has answered my prayers and I have the horse of my dreams. I hope if you have any doubts or concerns, my experience will help to reassure you that you have made contact with the right people and have some peace of mind about purchasing a horse from them.
Isabelle and Benny, thank you for helping me to finally find my partner and new friend.

Wanda Toms
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I purchased Ushi, a 4 year old Dutch mare in Feb. '05. I had found Benny's website while looking for pre-green hunter prospects last year. I found all of the horses on his website attractive, conformationally correct, and the "type" that I look for in a horse. Although he did not have pre-green hunters at that time, I explained what I look for in a horse. He told me about a young mare, just-broke that he had, but she was not for sale until she was further along. About a month later I received a video of her and we purchased her from that video. She was delivered to me in Mar. and has been everything that Benny has said. Although she is still green, she has all the right instincts to be a top hunter. A very accomplished hunter trainer rode her for me and he was very excited about her. Working with Benny was very easy. The vetting and sale was prompt, thorough and fair. Benny did everything I asked in a quick, professional matter. It was faster and easier than the last horse I bought in the US.

Update 21 September 2006: Ushi is doing great-her last show she won both of her classes against more than 20 horses, most of which have far more experience than her.

K. Corrigan
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I enjoy doing business with Isabelle and Benny. They are extremely helpful and accommodating. If you're looking for Hunters or Jumpers they will go out of their way to help find what you're looking for.
"Good horses are hard to find and they know the right people/trainers who have the horses..."
Horses come and go quickly, if you're serious about looking at top quality Hunters or Jumpers they will show you exceptional horses with care and thoughtful presentation. Their farm is a very special place too; they always have something for sale and a trainer that is exceptional. Horses are treated with kindness and shown to you perfectly.
If you are willing to go out on the road, or at their farm.. it always comes with Benny's personal understanding and professional experience. Isabelle (Benny's wife) will make sure all is understood (Benny's English is great; but) and she will make sure you enjoy yourself... Nothing is left out with these guys.
I have purchased horses that are winners here in the USA... top quality... - horses showing and winning at the national level-.
If you're coming from the USA, they will meet you with a smile, they speak perfect English.. there really is no problem in that area. "They understand the American market" and us too!

A hunter jumper trainer

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Hi, my name is Alberto. I am 23 Veterinary Medicine Student at the University of Milan. I have been riding horse for many years and I was looking for a young unbroken horse for a long time when accidentally saw Benny de Ruiter's website. The sold and for sale horses impressed me for their quality and beauty, so I decided to ask for information about a young mare to buy. A few days later I received a videotape from Benny about Uvanta, a young 3 years old mare by Lux Z. x Notaris. Uvanta shocked me for her quality in free jumping and expressive movements. No doubts: Uvanta was my ideal horse. After reading the veterinary test report my father and I went to the Netherlands to meet Benny, Isabelle and Uvanta in person. I noticed their correctness and professional way of working. Benny also organized Uvanta's travel toward Italy. Now Uvanta is in training with me, broken without difficulties. I am very satisfied with her and I trust in her qualities.

Greetings, Alberto Penati

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I purchased Tegro, a five year old gelding from Benny and Isabelle in May '05. He is a fantastic showjumper and has lived up to all my expectations. Just like Benny and Isabelle said he has a fantastic personality and he is great to work with every day. I found them on the internet and started to look at the horses they had sold in the past. I got the feeling that they only had really really good horses and I was right. When we went over to them to look at Tegro they were so nice, picked us up at the airport and made sure we had everything we needed. They were very professional and friendly. When we decided to purchase Tegro, Benny looked up everything that had to be done for transporting him to Sweden and in the end it was just as easy as buying a horse at home. I am so pleased with my horse and the way Benny and Isabelle helped us and in the future I will only deal with them because then I know I will get the best possible horses. I still have a great connection with them and I feel that we got a great horse and some new friends at the same time.

C. Bäck

update March '06: Dear Benny and Isabelle, I just wanted to let you know that Tegro did his first show in 1.30 this weekend and he did a clear round. He is fantastic. The course was really difficult and he jumped it like it was nothing at all.
update May '06: This weekend he managed to qualify to The Scandinavian Open competition for young horses in Falsterbo this summer.
To qualify it takes two clear rounds in 1.30 and you only have five trys. He did two clear rounds this weekend and didn´t need the rest of the try outs =)
I hope everything is great with you. I just wanted to let you know that Tegro is doing great and every day he surprises me in a good way.
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I purchased a horse from Benny de Ruiter Stables. The horse is one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot!). Benny and Isabelle were easy to deal with. They gave honest information and were meticulous in providing accounting re: vetting and import costs. I would recommend them highly.

A. Schmidt

update Oct.'05: Vermillion (milo) did fantastically well at the na/wpn keurings. He was 2nd in free jumping and 3rd in movement for the whole usa. He also got reserve champion in the dg bar cup for 3 year olds.
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I would highly recommend Benny and Isabella de Ruiter.
I purchased my horse Up Cheers in September and everything went better than I could have expected. He is a lovely horse. I took him to his second horse show this weekend where he won a 1st, two 2nd's, and a 3rd, in the low hunter 2'9 to 3'0 division. Up Cheers is only four years old, and clips, loads, and behaves like a seasoned horse show professional. He is so sweet and loving with no vices. When my daughter is ready for a new horse, I will be asking Benny de Ruiter to find the perfect horse for her. I have every confidence that he will find the perfect horse for her too.

They will pick you up from the airport, make arrangements for your hotel, and make your trip easy. I cannot say enough nice things about Isabella, Benny, and their family. I hope you find the perfect horse to enjoy and feel confident that every horse Benny and Isabella show you is quality.

Best of Luck in you search!

Nancy Mynott
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